After A Week

Moshi is an exciting place and after a week of getting my bearings and finding my way around I’ve found a real sense of community here.  The store owners know one another and most of the passer-bys greet each other warmly and ask about the news of the day.  This city runs on tourism and not a day goes by where I am not stopped in the street and asked if I want to go on a safari or climb

A less colorful Dola Dola

A less colorful Dola Dola

A Boda Boda driver

A Boda Boda driver

Kilimanjaro.  I often stop in little cafes or coffee houses and strike up conversations with the people who work there about their lives and their country. Everyone is happy to discuss politics and culture while helping me along with my sub par Swahili.  I’m getting better though!  The roads are mostly dirt and people get around by motorbikes, cars, buses, vans, bicycle, but mostly by walking.  I have ridden on motorbike taxis called “boda boda” and overly packed minivans that act as shuttles called “dola dola’s”.  These both are crazy modes of transport!  On the boda boda, you are holding on for dear life as the biker tears down dirt roads, which are equivalent to the topography of the moon, at high speeds!  The dola dola’s are these brightly colored minivans that have words written all over them and blast music out of the windows.  One member of the crew hangs out of the side window and calls people to board the shuttle for the next destination.  When you get on the van you pay 400 Tsh, which is like a 25 cents.  You are then packed into the van like sardines, as I feel the crush of humanity around me, I begin to appreciate good bodily hygiene!  I am beginning to really enjoy this city.  i have met with a few of the agencies I will be working with and Monday I will start working.  I am getting very excited and a little nervous as well.  I do feel some anxiety about working here but just as anyone who has ever taken a college course knows, looking at the syllibus seems daunting at first but as the class progresses we all find our comfortable pace and lean into the experience.  This is the where the fun and education begins!

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