End of Semester, Beginning of Adventure

Well, the semester is finally finished for me.  I believe I have all A’s maybe an A- in one of my classes but that’s ok with me.  I learned a great deal and overall I am happy with UB, my fellow students are incredible and kind.  The professors are great and they always made time for me when I just popped in to their office to talk.  Only a month left before I hop on a plane for Tanzania.  It’s amazing how fast time flies.  I am excited for the journey!  I will be spending my time from January 7th to May 1st in Tanzania then I will fly to Vietnam to visit my friends and perhaps start working.  I am trying to make my way into a career in international social work so I will be testing the waters so to speak in Vietnam where I have friends just in case I need to couch surf while finding work!  Well, enough about that for now, first things first….Tanzania, internship, and finishing up my graduate degree.  So long for now, have fun where ever you are and enjoy!

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